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Bubble Bath B-Side” is an unreleased album by ThatPoppy (now known as Poppy). It was scrapped because her label wouldn’t let her release it and instead had her release Bubble Bath as an EP. The songs her label let her release were Low Life, Money, Altar, and American Kids. The official tracklist leaked on Amazon.

Track List[]

  1. Low Life
  2. Guns & Gold
  3. American Kids
  4. Chewing Gum
  5. New York
  6. I Heart Poppy
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Winona Ryder
  9. Spare Key
  10. Renegade
  11. Pyromaniac 
  12. Little Psycho
  13. Oh Why
  14. Numb
  15. Bubble Bath


16. TLD 

17. Peppermint 

18. Money

19. British Boys

20. All My Fault

21. Talk About It (ft. 

22. Cheerleader

23. Fountain Of Youth

Japanese Edition[]

24. No One 

25. Explode!

26. Good To Me

27. Jealous 

28. Golden Gate

29. Altar

30. Like Lovers Do


Low Life“ was meant to be the lead single for the album. Instead it was released as the lead single for the Bubble Bath EP

New York” was meant to be the second single. It was never released however it was performed live multiple times

Money” was meant to be the third single. Instead it was released on the Bubble Bath EP

Chewing Gum” was meant to be the fourth single. It was later posted onto SoundCloud but Poppy’s label took it down

Any other singles for the album are currently unknown


  • Only a handful of the songs were actually finished before the album was scrapped
  • Most of the songs were made with different producers although some of those producers are currently unknown
  • Around half of the songs on the album have leaked while others remain Unleaked or only have a snippet leaked
  • Most of the songs have been uploaded illegally to music streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud
  • Lots of the songs got fanmade names when only one or two snippets leaked as of now all the songs have had their titles confirmed
  • The songs on the album are considered Bubble Bath outtakes even though they’re from a different album
  • Only four of the songs on the album were released on the Bubble Bath EP
  • Poppy posted Chewing Gum on SoundCloud which her label took down
  • Guns & Gold, Chewing Gum, I Heart Poppy, and New York were meant to be on the Bubble Bath EP but were later scrapped completely