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"Bubblebath: Extended" is an repackage of Poppy's debut EP, "Bubblebath". It was released March 23, 2017.


  1. Bubblebath

2. Lowlife

3. Money

4. Altar

5. American Kids

6. Chewing Gum

7. New York

8. I Heart Poppy

9. Peppermint

10. Guns & Gold

11. Renegade

12. Spare Key

13. Winona Ryder

14. Little Psycho


16. Boss

17. Golden Gate

18. Jealous

19. All My Fault

20. Numb

21. Fountain of Youth

22. No One

23. Pyromaniac

24. British Boys

25. Heavy Metal

26. Crazy

27. TLD

28. Double X Girlfriend

29. Oh Why

30. Hum

31. Like Lovers Do

32. High on Helium

33. Lose My Vision

34. Good to Me (Bubblebath Version)

35. Video Killed the Radio Star


"Lowlife" was the first single released by Island Records on July 24, 2015. The Music Video to "Lowlife" has over 62 million views on Youtube and it was released under Poppy's old stagename "That Poppy".

"Chewing Gum" was the second single released on Island Records on May 17,2016.It was released under Poppy's old stagename "That Poppy".

"Money" was the third single released on Island Records on July 29,2016. The Music Video to "Money" had gained over 12 million views by the time of its deletion. It was released under Poppy's old stagename "That Poppy".

"New York" was the fourth single released on Island Records on September 19, 2016. It was released under Poppy's old stagename "That Poppy".


  • The album leaked a week before its release.
  • All the singles were released on Spotify a day early.
  • The "New York" acoustic version and official instrumental were leaked months before the release.
    • "New York" was originally not going to make it on the Album but was added due to high request from fans.
  • All the songs on the album are outtakes that were meant for the original scrapped Bubblebath Album.
  • Snippets of "Winona Ryder" and "Guns & Gold" were leaked months before its release.
  • Fans originally thought "Numb" was titled "If U Like".
  • Fans originally thought "Winona Ryder" was titled "Like Lovers Do" which was originally thought to be titled "Am I What You Like?".
  • "Like Lovers Do" is in fact a different song from "Winona Ryder"
  • Fans originally thought "Guns & Gold" was titled "Everybody Wants It All".
  • Fans originally thought "New York" was titled "Dance With Me".
  • "Good to Me" was originally made for Bubblebath but was rearranged and was made to be in Am I A Girl? but was scrapped again. 
  • "Video Killed the Radio Star" which was originally by The Buggles was meant to be in Bubblebath but it got scrapped.